Becky B. Westerdahl

Dr. Becky Westerdahl

Position Title
Extension Specialist and Professor of Nematology


Appointment: 1986
B.S., Chapman University, 1972, Biology
Ph.D., University of California, Riverside, 1978, Biology / Nematology

Research Program

Program Highlights

Teaching Program

Courses Taught

Cooperative Extension Program

Nematode Management in California

Research Interests

Applied nematology, integrated pest management, nematology extension

Selected Publications:

Hasey, J. K., B. B. Westerdahl, and B. Lampinen. 2004. Long-term performance of own-rooted ‘Chandler’ walnut compared to ‘Chandler’ walnut on Paradox rootstock. Acta Hort. (ISHS) 636:83-86.

Westerdahl, B. B., M. A. Harivandi, L. Costello, M. McCullough, and P. Gross. 2004. Management of plant-parasitic nematodes on turfgrass in Northern California. Acta Hort. 661:531-533.

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